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[Solved] Dalaga


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Dalaga - just the chorus:

Ikaw na ang pinaka maganda na dalaga
Sa'king mata

Love your site and the old flutenotes one as well ❤️

@beeble Thank you po ^_^. Just wait for a couple of days cause I received a lot of requests right now. Maraming salamat po ulit

Thank youuu

1 Answer

Here's your request, beeble. Enjoy 😇 👍
Dalaga - Arvey
Kindly press the check mark button at the left side of my answer if you find it helpful so that this request will be marked as solved. Thanks 🤩

This song request will be marked as solved since beeble doesn't go back online for a few days or failed to press the checkmark button of an answer provided by Ben.

@ben_dizon @ben_dizon Thank you so much, it's perfect 🥰
PS I didn't get an email alert like I did for your first reply

@ben_dizon Hi Ben, it's me again, I admit I'm not a musical person but how does GAF sound for 'dalaga' instead of GAD?

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