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Kiseki (キセキ) – Greeeen (Cover by コバソロ & Lefty Hand Cream)

Tip: Transpose the notes to +7 semitones so it will be a lot easier to play in your musical instrument 😊

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Kiseki (キセキ)
Original singer: GReeeeN
Cover by: コバソロ & Lefty Hand Cream

Verse 1: @0:01
[E]A[G]shi[G]ta [/] [E]kyo[G]u [G]yo[F]ri [E]mo [D]su[D]ki [C]ni [D]na[E]re[E]ru
[E]A[F]fu[E]re[D]ru [C]o[C~]mo[G₋₁] [G₋₁]i [E]ga [F]to[E]ma[C]ra[E]na[D]i
[E]I[G]ma [G]mo [/] [E]ko[G]n[G#]na [E]ni [D]su[E]ki [D]de [C]i[D]ru [E]no [E]ni
[E]Ko[F]to[E]ba [D]ni [C]de[D.]ki[D.]na[C]i

Pre-chorus 1: @0:22
[C]Ki[E]mi [D]no [C]ku[B₋₁]re[C]ta [/] [A.]hi[G~]bi[C] [C]ga [C]tsu[C]mi[F]ka[G]sa[A]na[G]ri
[C]Su[C]gi[F]sa[G]tta [A]hi[G]bi [/] [G]fu[C]ta[C]ri [C]a[D]rui[C]ta [D]ki[E]se[D]ki
[C]Bo[E]ku[D]ra [C]no [B₋₁]de[C]a [/] [A.]i [G]ga [C]mo[C]shi [C]gu[C]u[F]zen [G]na[A]ra[G]ba
[C]Un[F]mei [G]na[A]ra[G]ba [/] [G]ki[C]mi [C]ni [C]me[F]gu[E]ria[F]e[G]ta [G#]so[G#]re [G]tte [G#]kise[A#]ki

Chorus 1: @0:44
[C]Futari [D]yuri[E]sotte [F]a[E.]rui[D]te
To[C]wa no [D]ai [E]wo [F]katachi [G.]ni shi[C]te
[C]Itsu [D]ma[D]de[E]mo [E]ki[F]mi [E]no [G]yo[A]ko [G]de [/] [F]wa[G~]ra[F] [E]tte [D]ita[C]ku[E]te
[C]A[E]ri[D]ga[C]to[B₋₁]u [C]ya [/] [A.]a[G]a [/] [C]a[E]i[D]shi[C]te[B₋₁]ru [C]ja [/] [F.]ma[E]da
[C]Ta[E]ri[D]na[C]i [B₋₁]ke[C]do [/] [C]se[E]me[D]te [C]i[D]wa[C.]se[G₋₁]te
[G₋₁]Shia[C]wa[E]se [D]de[C]su [C]to

Verse 2: @1:05
[E]It[G]su[G]mo [/] [E]ki[G]mi [G]no [F]mi[E]gi [D]no [D]te [C]no [D]hi[E]ra [E]wo
[E]Ta[E]da [F]bo[E]ku [D]no [C]hi[C~]da[G₋₁] [G₋₁]ri [E]no [F]te [E]no [C]hi[E]ra [D]ga
[E~]So[G] [G]tto [/] [E]tsu[G]tsu[G#]n[E]de[D]ku [E]so[D]re [C]da[D]ke [E]de
[E]Ta[E]da [F]a[E]i [D]wo [C]ka[D]n[E]ji[D]te [C]i[C]ta

Pre-chorus 2: @1:26
[C]Hi[E]bi [D]no [C]na[B₋₁]ka [C]de [/] [A]chi[G]i[G~]sa[C] [C]na [/] [F]shi[G]a[A]wa[G]se
[C]Mitsu[F]ke [G]ka[A]sa[G]ne [/] [G]yu[C]kku[C]ri [C]a[D]rui[C]ta [D]ki[E]se[D]ki
[C]Bo[E]ku[D]ra [C]no [B₋₁]de[C]a [/] [A.]i [G]ha [C]oo[C]ki[C]na [F]se[G]ka[A]i [G]de
[C]Chii[F]sa[G]na [A]de[G.]ki[G]go[C]to [C]me[F]gu[E]ria[F]e[G]ta [G#]so[G#]re [G]tte [G#]kise[A#]ki

Chorus 2: @1:48
[C]Umaku [D]ika[E]nai [F]hi [E.]da[D]te
[C]Futari [D]de [E]ireba [F]hare [G.]da[C]te
[C]Tsu[C]yo[D]ga[E]ri [E]ya [F]sa[F]bi[G]shi[A]sa [G]wo [/] wa[F]su[G]re[F]ra[E]re[D]ru [G]ka[E]ra
[C]Bo[E]ku [D]wa [C]ki[B₋₁]mi [C]de [/] [A.]la[G]la [/] [C]bo[E]ku [D]de [C]i[B₋₁]re[C]ru [/] [F.]ka[E]ra
[C]Da[E]ka[D]ra [C]it[B₋₁]su[C]mo [/] [E]so[D]ba [C]ni [D]i[C~]te[G₋₁] [G₋₁]yo
I[G₋₁]to[C]shi[E]i [D]ki[C]mi [C]e

Bridge: @2:08
[C]Fu[E]tari [E]fu[E]za[E]ke [E]at[D]ta [E]kae[E]ri[F]mi[E]chi
[C]So[E]re [D]mo [E]ta[D]ise[E]tsu [E]na [D]bo[E]ku[D]ra [E]no [F]hi[E]bi
[C]O[D]moi [C]yo [D]to[C]do[D]ke [C]to [D]tsu[C]ta[D]e[C]ta [D]to[E]ki [D]ni
[G₋₁]Ha[C]ji[C]me[C]te [C]mi[C]se[C]ta [C]hyo[C]u[E]jo[C]u [C]no [D]ki[C]mi
[E]Sukoshi no [E]ma [E]ga [G]ai[C]te [C]ki[E]mi [E]ga [E]u[E]na[G]zu[C]i[C]te
[C]Bo[E]ku[E]ra [E]no [D]ko[E]ko[D]ro [E]mi[D]ta[E]sa[D]re[E]teku [G]ai [C]de
[C]Bo[D]ku[C]ra [D]ma[D]da [D]ta[C]bi [D]no [D]to[D]chu[C]u [D]de
[A₋₁]Ma[C]ta [D]ko[D]re [D]ka[D]ra [D]sa[D]ki [D]mo [E]nan[D]ju[C]u[D]nen
Tsu[D#]zui[D#]te [D#]i[D]ke[D]ru [D]you [C]na [C]mi[C]rai [D.~]e[C] 

(Tatoeba hora ashita wo miushinaisou ni
Bokura natta toshitemo)

Chorus 3: @2:51
[C]Futari [D]yori[E]so[F]tte [E.]arui[D]te
[C]Towa no [D]ai [E]wo ka[F]tachi [G.]ni [C]shite
[C]Itsu [D]ma[D]de[E]mo [E]ki[F]mi [F]no [G]yo[A]ko [G]de [/] [F]wa[G~]ra[F] [E]tte [D]ita[C]ku[E]te
[C]A[E]ri[D]ga[C]to[B₋₁]u [C]ya [/] [A.]a[G]a [/] [C]a[E]i [D]shi[C]te[B₋₁]ru [C]ja [/] [F.]ma[E]da
[C]Ta[E]ri[D]na[C]i [B₋₁]ke[C]do [/] [G₋₁]se[E]me[D]te [C]i[D]wa[C~]se[G₋₁] [G₋₁]te
[G₋₁]Shia[C]wa[E]se [D]de[C]su [C]to

Chorus 4: @3:12
[C]Umaku [D]ika[E]nai [F]hi [E.]da[D]te
[C]Futari [D]de [E]ireba [F]hare [G.]da[C]te
[C]Yo[C]ro[D]ko[D]bi [E]ya [F]ka[F]na[G]shi[A]mi [G]mo [/] [F]sube[G]te [F]wa[E]ke[D]a[G]e[E]ru
[E]Ki[D]ma [C]ga [B₋₁]i[C]ru [/] [A.]ka[G]ra [/] [C]i[E]ki[D]te [C]i[B₋₁]ke[C]ru [/] [F.]ka[E]ra
[C]Da[E]ka[D]ra [C]it[B₋₁]su[C]mo [/] [E]so[D]ba [C]ni [D]i[C~]te[G₋₁] [G₋₁]yo
Ito[C]shi[E]i [D]ki[C]mi [C]e
[C]Sa[C]i[E]gou [D]no [C]ichi[E…]byou [D]ma[C..]de

Outro: @3:48
[E]A[G]shi[G]ta [/] [E]kyo[G]u [G]yo[F]ri [E]e[D]ga[D]o [C]ni [D]na[E]re[E]ru
[E]Ki[E]mi [E]ga [F]i[E]ru [D]da[C]ke [C~]de[A₋₁] [/] [E]sou [F]omo[E]e[C]ru [E]ka[D]ra
[E]Nan[G]juu[G]nen [/] [E]nan[G]byaku[G#]nen [E]nan[D]zen[E]nen [E]to[D]ki [C]wo [D]ko[G]e[G]yo[E]u
[E]Ki[F]mi [E]wo [D]a[C]i [D.]shi[D.]te[C]ru

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Ben Dizon

I'm not a professional musician, but I have a good ear in determining the notes of a certain music. Hope you'll enjoy my music transcriptions :)

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