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A Friend – Keno

lyrics + chords

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a friend

F        C       Dm    A#      C

I've still been searching
          C            A
And long have I waited
        Dm                C              A#
For someone to like me as me
Gm                         E
To laugh with, to cry with
       F                 D
To be just beside with
A#            C                    F
a friend that's who I need

II @0:51
To fight with, make up with
         C                      A
To know that you need them
    Dm                 C                     A#
Believing that they need you, too
     Gm                    E
To walk hand in hand with
      F              D
To argue to talk with
A#            C                    F
a friend that's who I need

III @1:20
        A#          F
And even though
     A#            F
I make mistakes
        A#            F               C
And never do anything right
      A#         F
a smile, a hug
           A#             F
Can change all that
         A#            Dm            C           D
And everything will be alright

IV @1:20
G                                                 F#m                  B
Someone who'll share all my dreams and ambitions
Em                              E               C
Someone who will love me as me
C                  G
I need this person
G                   E
Someone to rely on
       A        D                   G        Bm
a friend that's who I need
       A        D                   G
a friend that's who I need
Em       B       G  

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John Wick

You must NOT harm my dog. Or else something will happen to you. Just give him treats, and I'll give you a hug. Peace.

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