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Fly Me To The Moon (Cover) – Rick Hale & Breea Guttery

lyrics + chords


Fly Me To The Moon (Cover)
Rick Hale & Breea Guttery

Am7                Dm7
Fly me to the moon
                       G7                      Cmaj7
And let me dance among the stars
Fmaj7                     A#maj7
Let me know what spring is like
       E7                Am7
On Jupiter and Mars
Dm7                        G7
In other words
               Cmaj7       Am7
Hold my hand
Dm7                      G7
In other words  
         Cmaj7          E7
Baby, kiss me

Am7                       Dm7
Fill my heart with song
                      G7               Cmaj7
And let me sing for ever more
Fmaj7        A#maj7
You are all I long for
           E7                  Am7
All I worship and adore
Dm7                        G7
In other words
                  Cmaj7      Am7
please be true
     Dm7                G7
In other words
I love you

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