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[Solved] Willing to Pay for Creating Chords for Me

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Hi, I am part of the Music Ministry in our church. I use Carry-on Digital Wind Instrument. I am on the look out for a partner who will create the chords for me. Songs are all Christian/Gospel songs, mostly Tagalog songs but it can also be english songs from Hillsong, etc. God bless and thank you! 08/07/2023 10:08 am

@dominic_lamaca Hi Dominic. Sorry, I'm very busy to manage this site. This site is for free only, no need to pay. Just list down the songs you want, and I'll transcribe the notes for you.

Dominic Lamaca Topic starter 10/07/2023 1:28 am

Good to hear! Appreciate that. Can you do this for me - As We Gather/Steadfast Love of the Lord Medley?

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Hi, @dominic_lamaca.

Your request is now available at:

Kindly, mark this post as solved if I did a good job heheh ^_^ Thank you.

Dominic Lamaca Topic starter 23/07/2023 10:45 am

@admin-2 much appreciated. More power and blessing to you!

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