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All Too Well – Taylor Swift

Tip: Transpose the notes to -5 semitones so it will be a lot easier to play in your musical instrument 😊

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All Too Well
Taylor Swift

Intro: @0:20
[C²]I [C²]walked [C²]through [A]the [C²]door [C²]with [G]you
The [D²]air [D²]was [D²]cold
But [D²]some[E²]thing [E²]’bout [E²]it [D²]felt [C²]like [F]home [F]some[C²]how
[C²]And I [/] [C²]left [C²]my [C²]scarf [G]there
[C²]At your [D²]sis[D²]ter’s [D²]house [C²]and [E²..]you’ve
[C²]still [C²]got [C²]it [/] [B]in [C²]your [F]drawer, [/] [G]e[F]ven [C²]now

Verse 1: @0:51
[C²]Oh, [C²]your [C²]sweet [C²]dis[A]po[C²]si[G]tion
And [D²]my [D²]wide-[D²]eyed [D²]gaze
We’re [D²]si[E²]nging [E²]in [E²]the [D²]car, [C²]get[C²]ting [F]lost [F]up[C²]state
[C²]Au[A]tumn [C²]leaves [C²]fal[A]ling [C²]down [A]like
[D²]Pie[D²]ces [D²]in[C²]to [D²]place [D²]and [E²..]I [C²]can [D²]pic[C²]ture [C²]it
[C²]Af[C²]ter [F]all [F]these [C²]days

Pre-chorus 1: @1:12
[C²]And [C²]I [C²]know it’s [G²]long [D²]gone [C²]and
[C²]That [C²]ma[C²]gic’s [G²]not [D²]here [C²]no [C²]more
[C²]And [C²]I [C²]might [C²]be [G²]o[D²]kay, [C²]but [C²]I’m [C²]not
[G²]Fine [F²]at [F².~]all[E².] [A..]oh, [B..]oh, [C²..]oh

Chorus 1: @1:27
[C²]’Cause [G²]there [G²]we [G²]are [G²]a[G².]gain [C²]on [C²]that
[G²]Lit[G²]tle [G²]town [G²]street
[C²]You [G²]al[G²]most [G²]ran [G²]the [G²]red
[E²]’Cause [E²]you [E²]were [E²]loo[D²]kin’ [D²]o[C²]ver [C²]me
[C²]Wind [C²]in [D²]my [E²]hair, [/] [C²]I [D²]was [E²]there
[C²]I [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it [/] [E²]all [B]too [C²…..]well

Verse 2: @1:48
[C²]Pho[C²]to [C²]al[A]bum [C²]on [A]the [C²]coun[A]ter
[C²]Your [D²]cheeks [D²]were [D²]tur[C²]ning [D²]red
[C²]You [D²]used [D²]to [D²]be [D²]a [D²]lit[D²]tle [D²]kid [D²]with [D²]gla[C²]sses
[C²]In [C²]a [G]twin-[F]sized [C²]bed
And [C²]your [C²]mo[A]ther’s [C²]tel[A]ling [C²]sto[A]ries [C²]’bout [C²]you
[C²]On [C²]the [D²]tee-[D²]ball [D²]team
[C²]You [D²]tell [D²]me [D²]’bout [D²]your [E²]past, [C²]thin[C²]king
[C²]Your [F]fu[F]ture [F]was [C²]me

Pre-chorus 2: @2:08
[C²]And [D²]I [C²]know [C²]it’s [G²]long [D²]gone [C²]and
[C²]There [C²]was [C²]no[C²]thing [G²]else [D²]I [C²]could [C²]do
[C²]And [C²]I [C²]for[C²]get [C²]a[G²]bout [G²]you [D²]long [C²]e[C²]nough
[C²]To [C²]for[G²]get [F²]why [F²]I [F²]nee[E²]ded [A..]to[B..] [C²…]  

Chorus 2: @2:24
[C²]’Cause [G²]there [G²]we [G²]are [G²]a[G²]gain [C²]in [C²]the
[G²]Mid[G²]dle [G²]of [G²]the [G²]night
[C²]We’re [G²]dan[G²]cing [G²]‘round [G²]the [G²]kit[E²]chen
[E²]In [E²]the [E²]re[E²]fri[D²]ge[D²]ra[C²]tor [C²]light
[C²]Down [D²]the [E²]stairs, [/] [C²]I [D²]was [E²]there
[C²]I [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it [/] [E²]all [B]too [C²……]well, [F²~]yeah[E²]  

Bridge: @2:59
[F²]May[E²]be [F²]we [E²]got [G²]lost [G²]in [G²]trans[G²]la[C²]tion
[C²]May[C²]be [C²]I [G²]asked [G²]for [G²]too [G²]much
[F²]But [F²]may[E²]be [E²]this [E²]thing [E²]was [E²]a [G²]mas[E²]ter[E²]piece
[D²]’Til [D²]you [D²]tore [D²]it [E²]all [C²]up
[C²]Run[D²]ning [E²]scared, [/] [C²]I [D²]was [E²]there
[C²]I [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it [/] [G²]all [A²~]too[G²..] [G²……]well
[C³]And [C³]you [C³]call [A²]me [C³]up [C³]a[C³]gain
[C³]Just [C³]to [C³]break [C³]me [C³]like [A²]a [D³]pro[C³]mise
[G²]So [G²]ca[G²]sua[G²]lly [G²]cru[F²]el [F²]in [E²]the [F²]name [F²]of [F²]be[F²]ing [F²]ho[E²]nest
[E²]I’m [E²]a [E²]crum[D²]pled [E²]up [/] [E²]piece [D²]of [E²]pa[D²]per [E²]ly[D²]ing [D²]here
[D²]’Cause [D²]I [C²]re[D²]mem[C²]ber [D²]it
[E²~]All,[D²] [C²] [/] [E²~]all,[D²] [C²] [/] [E²~]all[D²] [C²….]    
[B]Too [C²]well

Verse 3: @3:55
[C²]Time [D²]won’t [C²]fly, [G]it’s like [G]I’m [/] [D²]pa[C²]ra[D²]lyzed [D²]by [C²]it
[C²]I’d [D²]like [C²]to [D²]be [D²]my [D²]old [D²]self [C²]a[C²]gain
But [C²]I’m [G]still [F]trying [F]to [D²]find [C²]it
[C²]Af[C²]ter [C²]plaid [D²]shirt [C²]days [A]and [C²]nights
[A]when [C²]you [D²]made [D²]me [C²]your [D².~]own[E²]  
[C²]Now [C²]you [C²]mail [D²]back [E²]my [G²]things [E²]and [E²]I
[F²]Walk [E²]home [C²]a[F²~]lone[E²]  
[C²]But [C²]you [G²]keep [G²]my [G²]old [G²]scarf
[C²]From [C²]that [G²]ve[G²]ry [G²~]first[E²] [G²]week
[C²]’Cause [C²]it [C²]re[G²]minds [G²]you [G²]of [G²]in[C²]no[C²]cence
[C²]And [C²]it [G²]smells [F²]like [F²~]me[E²]  
You [C²]can’t [D²]get [E²]rid [C²]of [C²]it
[C²]’Cause you [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it
[E²]All [B..]too [C²…]well, [F²~]yeah[E²..]  

Chorus 3: @4:36
[G²]’Cause [G²]there [G²]we [G²]are [G²]a[G²]gain [C²]when [C²]I [/] [G²]loved [G²]you [G²]so
[G²]Back [G²]be[G²]fore [G²]you [G²]lost
[C²]The [G²]one [G²]real [F²]thing [F²]you’ve [F²]e[E²]ver [F²~]known[E²]  
[C²]It [D²]was [E²]rare, [/] [C²]I [D²]was [E²]there
[C²]I [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it [E²]all [B]too [C²]well

Outro: @4:56
[C²]Wind [C²]in [D²]my [E²]hair, [/] [C²]you [D²]were [E²]there
[C²]You [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it [/] [E²]all
[C²]Down [D²]the [E²]stairs, [/] [C²]you [D²]were [E²]there
[G²]You [G²]re[G²]mem[F²]ber [F²~]it[E²] [F²~]all[E²]  
[C²]It [D²]was [E²]rare, [/] [C²]I [D²]was [E²]there
[C²]I [D²]re[E²]mem[D²]ber [D²]it [/] [E²]all [B..]too [C²…]well

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