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Beautiful – TREASURE (Black Clover OST)

Tip: Transpose the notes to -5 semitones so it will be a lot easier to play in your musical instrument.

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Black Clover OST

Intro: Yedam @0:02
[E²]Beau[C²]ti[C²]ful, [E²]beau[C²]ti[D²~]ful[E²],  [/]  [E²]beau[C²]ti[C²~]ful[A] [G] [G] 
[C²~]Oh,[B]   [G.~]yea[A]h 

Verse 1: Jihoon, Doyoung, Junkyu, Mashiho @0:15
[D²]Yo[D²]a[D²]ke  [D²]ma[D²]e [E²]no [D²]so[C²]ra  [/]  [D²]shi[D²]zu[D²]ka [D²]ni [E²]so[C²]tto
[A]Ho[B]ra [C²]a[C²]na[B]ta [G]na [C²]hi[B]bi [G]ga [G]ha[F]ji[G..]ma[A..]ru
[D²]Mu[D²]ne [D²]ni [D²]shi[D²]ma[D²]i [D².]kon[D²]da [E²]ma[D²]ma[C²]no  
[A]O[A]mo[C²]i [D²]o [D²]to[C²]ki[D²]ha[G²]na[E²]te
[C²]So[G²]no [G²]tsu[F²]ba[E²]sa [D²]o  [/]  [G²..]hi[F²]ro[E²]ge[D²]te  [/]  [C²]one [D².]more [C²..]time

Pre-chorus 1: Jeongwoo, Asahi @0:44
[C²]I[C²]ma [C²]to[B²..]bi[A²]ta[A²~]tte[G²] 
[D²]A[D²]no [D²]u[D²]na[D²]ba[F²]ra [E²]o [D²]mi[G²]o[B]roshi[C²]te
[C²]Da[C²]re [C²]yo[C²]ri [A²~]mo[B².]    [B²]to[C³]o[G²]ku
[C²~]Nan[E²] [D²]do  [D²]de[E²~]mo[D²]   [D².]we'll [F²..]fly

Chorus 1: Yedam, Jeongwoo, Junghwan @0:59
[G²]Don[F²]na [E²]ke[F²]shi[G²]ki [G²….]mo
[C²]Ki[G²]mi [F²]to  [E²]i[F²]re[G²]ba  [G²]ka[F²]ga[E²]ya[D²]ku[C²]yo
[G²]Da[F²]ka[E²]ra [D²]zu[E²]tto [C²]so[D²]ba [E²]ni  [/]  [E²]i[D²]te
[C²]And [C²]ne[D²]ver [E²]let [G²….]go
[C²]Bo[G²]ku [F²]no [E²]ko[F²]no[G²]te [G²….]o
[C²]Ha[G²]na[F²]sa[E²]na[F²]i[G²]de [G²]do[F²]ko [E²]ma[D²]de [C²]mo
[G²]Tsui[F²]te[E²]ki[D²]te [E²]ho[C²…]shii
[G]The [E²]world [D²]is [/]  [C²]so [C²]beau[B]ti[C²]ful

Verse 2: Yoshi, Hyunsuk @1:31
[E²]To[E²]ki [E²]ga [E²]ta[C²]tte [/] [E²]hi [E²]ga [E²]shi[E²]zun[C²]de [A~]mo[G] 
[E²]Te [E²]o [E²]tsu[E²]kan[C²]de [/] [C²]ma[C²]da [F²]mi[F²]nu [E²]se[C²]ka[E²]i [D²]e
[D²]Don[D²]na [C²]mi[D²]chi [C²]de[D²]mo [C²]fu[D²]ta[C²]ri [D²]de [C²]a[D²]yun[E²]de [C²]iku
[C²]Ma[C²]yo[C²]wa[C²]na[C²]i [C²]sa [C²]kei[C²]kеn [B]ga [C²]ho[B]ra [C²]mei[C²]sei
[C²]no [C²]you [C²]ni [C²]ki[C²]re[C²]na[C²]i [C²]a[C²]i [B]no [C²]sеi[C²]mei[C²]sen

(Rap part – background piano melody only)
[E²] [B] [C²]  [G]  [/]  [E²] [B] [C²]  [G]  [/]  [E²] [B] [C²]  [G]  [/]  [B~] [A] 
Kakugo wa dekiteru, ready?
Kodoku to kanashimi se ni
Ryoume ni misueru mezasuitadakinaraba
Tsuneni ue no ue ni
Kono saki nani ga machiukete mo
Kono tabi no naka de yume wo miyou
Let's go kinokyou ijou ashita e no kibou

Pre-chorus 2: Jihoon, Jeongwoo @1:59
[C²]I[C²]ma [C²]to[B²..]bi[A²]ta[A²~]tte[G²] 
[D²]A[D²]o[D²]ku [D²]sun[D²]da [F².]so[E²]ra [D²]mi[G²]a[B]ge[C²]te
[C²]Da[C²]re [C²]yo[C²]ri [A²~]mo[B².]   [B²]to[C³]o[G²]ku
[C²~]Nan[E²] [D²]do [D²]de[E²~]mo[D²]   [D².]we'll [F²..]fly

Chorus 2: Asahi, Jaehyuk, Mashiho, Doyoung @2:14
[G²]Don[F²]na  [E²]mi[F²]ra[G²]i [G²….]mo
[C²]Ki[G²]mi [F²]to [E²]i[F²]re[G²]ba [G²]hi[F²]ro[E²]ga[D²]ru [C²]yo
[G²]Mi[F²]wa[E²]ta[D²]su  [E²]ka[C²]gi[D²]ri [E²]no  [/]  [E²]ki[D²]bou
[C²]Wher[C²]e[D²]ver [E²]you [G²….]go
[C²]Bo[G²]ku [F²]no [E²]ko[F²]no[G²]te [G²….]o
[C²]Ha[G²]na[F²]sa[E²]na[F²]i[G²]de  [G²]do[F²]ko [E²]ma[D²]de [C²]mo
mi[G²]tsu[F²]zu[E²]ke[D²]te [E²]ho[C²…]shii
[G]The [E²]world [D²]is [/] [C²]so [C²]beau[B]ti[C²]ful

Verse 3: Haruto @2:45
[C²]Rei[C²]sei [A]to [C²]jyo[C²]netsu [A]no [C²]ai[C²]da [A]ni [C²]hi[D²]me[D²]ta
[C²]Ta[C²]gi[A]ru [C²]o[C²]mo[A]i [C²]ta[C²]chi [A]wa [C²]ne[D²]ver [D²]die
[C²]Hi [C²]wa [C²]mat[C²]ta [C²]no[C².]bo[G]ri [/] [C²]o[C²]chi[C²]te [C²]o [C²]ku[C²]ri[C²]ka[G]e[D²]su
[C²]I[C²]no[C²]chi [C²]no [C²]ka[C²]gi[C²]ri [/] [C²]nan[C²]do [C²]de[C²]mo [D²]yo[E²]mi[E²]ga[C²]e[C²]ru

Bridge: Yedam @3:02
[E²]Beau[C²]ti[C²]ful, [E²]beau[C²]ti[D²~]ful[E²], [/] [E²]beau[C²]ti[C²~]ful[A] [G] [G] 
[G²]You [G²]make [G²]the [G²~]world[F²]  [E²]so [D²]beau[E²]ti[D²~]ful[C²] 

Chorus 3: Junkyu, Jaehyuk, Jihoon, Junghwan @3:14
[G²]Don[F²]na [E²]ke[F²]shi[G²]ki [G²….]mo
[C²]Ki[G²]mi [F²]to  [E²]i[F²]re[G²]ba [G²]ka[F²]ga[E²]ya[D²]ku[C²]yo
[G²]Da[F²]ka[E²]ra [D²]zut[E²]to [C²]so[D²]ba [E²]ni [/] [E²]i[D²]te
[C²]And [C²]ne[D²]ver [E²]let [G²….]go
[C²]Bo[G²]ku [F²]no [E²]ko[F²]no[G²]te [G²….]o
[C²]Ha[G²]na[F²]sa[E²]na[F²]i[G²]de [G²]do[F²]ko [E²]ma[D²]de [C²]mo
[G²]Tsui[F²]te[E²]ki[D²]te [E²]ho[C²…]shii
[G]The [E²]world [D²]is [/]  [C²]so [C²]beau[B]ti[C²]ful

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Ben Dizon

I'm not a professional musician, but I have a good ear in determining the notes of a certain music. Hope you'll enjoy my music transcriptions :)

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