Deja Vu – Olivia Rodrigo

These are the notes for Olivia Rodrigo's song, Deja Vu. Sorry that all the notes aren't there but I'm working them out now :) Hope you enjoy!

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Deja Vu- Olivia Rodrigo

Verse 1:

B       A    G   B-B-A         B-A-G          B     A       G      B       B      A
Car rides to Malibu,    Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for  two

B        A-G       B-E         B-A         A        G     B     A   G     A  
And trading jackets, laughing 'bout how small it looks on

  G      G-G-B-B-D²-D²-E²-E²-E²-E²-D²-D²
you   (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

B-A              B-B    B   B-A       B-A     G-B-G        G-A    B
Watching reruns of Glee     Being annoying, singing in

B-B-B-A         B  A   G        B-E  
harmony       I bet she's braggin'  

E    B   A       A        G-G      B-A   G    A-G
to all her friends, sayin' you're so unique

(If you want you can play this part in a lower octave)

G²     B²    A²    G²-A²     B²   G²    G²     B²   B²    B²    B²-A²
So when you  gonna   tell her   that  we  did   that  too?

B²      A²      G²    B²-G²       G²   B²    B²    B²-B²-A²
She thinks it's special,     but it's    all    reused

  B²     A²   G²     E²    B²   A²     G²    E²    
That was our place, I found   it     first,

B²   A²    G²    E²      B²      A²    G²     E²      B²      A²      G²     D²-B²
I made the jokes, you    tell    to     her   when she's  with    you

E²     E²     G²   A²-B²     B²      B²        A²      G²     D²-B²-D²
Do  you   get   deja      vu    when   she's  with     you?

E²    E²     G²    A²-B²    B²    G²      E²     E²      G²     G²-A ²   B²     G²
Do you   get    deja    vu,   hm?    Do   you    get    deja      vu,   huh?

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2 comments, 3 points

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Alyssa Dunlop(@alyssa_dunlop)
4 months ago

hey i cant find the rest of the song lol

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